Jorge Vigil

September, 29 - November, 10, 2017

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Mix on partiture. 26 x 17.1 cm. 2016
Harmonious Echo Pause Heaven The beginning of the poem Untitled Poets Blessings

Jorge Vigil has spent the past 28 years living in Paris. Claridades (Clarities), his current exhibition in Lima, consists of approximately 27 small- and medium-sized works created using oil and mixed media on canvas, as well as drawings on paper. In these pieces, we find a mature, established painter at the peak of his creativity and technical abilities, a true creator of exquisite works. Jorge Vigil (Lima, 1963) finished his studies at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Perú in 1988. Residing in Paris since 1990, he has been intensively involved in artistic activities in France, the United States, Indonesia, and, of course, Lima. He originally left Peru’s capital on a scholarship from the French government that took him to Europe to study at the PAU School of Media and Communication. In 1992, he won second prize at the Salón Lefranc Bougeois, Région Sud-Oest; followed by the Premio Cadena, Villa Montauban, in 1994; and in 2000, the grand prize at the I Festival de la Villa de Nay, all of them in France. He has taken part in numerous individual and collective exhibitions, as well as participating in major art fairs. “… An oeuvre linked to the old tradition that can be traced back to the sixteenth-century Flemings, most immediately associated with the unbridled fantasy found in the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, it seems to revisit that investigation into the humanity of its figures, timeless and also fierce, appropriating that inspiration to forge its own, contemporary discourse, which—in this group of paintings—does not hesitate to highlight themes of eroticism and sexuality, even violating that empathic affinity that always stems from the recognition—via iconography—of an admired, familiar, and even venerated story. An exceptional illustrator, Vigil creates a veritable book of open-ended stories in each painting. The orgy of elements, details, hints, and clues, the absurd concatenations, the horror vacui found in all of the pieces, this exasperating chaos renders the reading of the work a complex and fascinating challenge…” Élida Román, El Comercio newspaper, Lima, January 2011. “…Jorge Vigil is a fantastic artist whose oeuvre reveals a great technical mastery of both line work and color. This mastery is obvious in both the atmosphere of tranquil sobriety and the Baroque composition. He is a profound painter who has succeeded in achieving a great artistic quality marked by a rare originality. Vigil’s painting is based on a graphic style defined by its own unique accents, which occasionally even border on the schematic. The color complements and remains subordinate at all times to the architectures of the stylized figures. Figuration and geometrism remain subject to the aforementioned graphic style. In this zeal, we constantly encounter the attempt to recover the space and the action of painting (…). In Vigil’s work, note should be made of the inverted musical scores and the old writings rendered with an unmatched exquisiteness. That mix of torn papers, figures and objects combines to achieve first-class results.” Jorge Bernuy, La Industria newspaper, Chiclayo – Trujillo, February 2011. Claridades by Jorge Vigil can be visited at the Galería ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO through November 10, from Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Free and open to the public.