Lima, Perú - 1980

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Mixed media on canvas. 2008. 100 x 66 cm
Autorretrato Pancho Chino Jeta Culón Diego

Aaron López was born in Lima, in 1980. He studied Arts at the Pontificia Universdad Católica del Perú and drawing and painting at the Peruvian art school ”Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes Corriente Alterna”. He has presented his work at the following exhibitions: Periferia (bi-personal photo, video and painting) in the Luis Miró Quesada Garland Hall at the Municipality of Miraflores, Lima, Peru (2006); Desplazamientos (movements), group painting exhibition in the Artco Gallery (2007), and at the show “Dos noches de cine y video” (two nights of video and painting) in the Peruvian Press Council’s Exhibition - Consejo de la Prensa Peruana (2007). His artwork has been chosen for the annual auction at the Latin American Art Museum of Los Angeles, USA, for 2008.

There is something endearing and powerfully expressive in the portraits he profiles. Aaron López creates an impression of immortality in his models in a casual and unexpected manner. His eloquent brush strokes reveal his technical expertise as he plays with light and shade and the explosion of colors. His background displays the imagination and fervor of a child’s early artistic endeavor. This is the magic that imbues his subjects with such salient candor. In other pieces of work he manipulates the ordinary, oft-encountered daily objects, like matchboxes and cigarette lighters, with the same childlike exuberance. This fresh and youthful approach portrays a vibrant resonance of life and color.