Buenos Aires, Argentina - 1953

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Cargando veleros
Acrylic on canvas. 2002. 30 x 40 cm
Cargando veleros La mano en la lata Mesa ventana y humo blanco San Cristóbal Hombre con pino y ave

Carlos Masoch was born in Buenos Aires, in 1953. He studied painting with Néstor Cruz and Gabriela Aberasturi. Since 1980 he has been a professional graphic designer and artistic painter. He has presented various solo exhibitions since 1979 and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Buenos Aires, New York, Nantes, Madrid, London, Chicago and Toronto. He has designed stage sets for theatre and has produced illustrations for magazines and musical media covers. In the eighties he started another career as a director of rock music radio programs.

Considered as an atypical and obsessive painter, Carlos Masoch has drawn inspiration from diverse sources. His work resounds with echoes of Flemish and Renaissance paintings. Surrealists such as Delvaux and Magritte have also been major influences on his style. The claustrophobic although erotically illuminated spaces as conceptualized by Balthus have added another interesting element to his repertoire of talent. His work also seeks to explore Argentine history in a concerned, almost obsessive manner- in an exercise of alternate self-discovery. He portrays mysterious characters who become isolated by a sensation of loss and fear. The viewer is unavoidably connected to the experiences felt by the artist and his generation during the infamous times of the Argentine military dictatorship. His mysterious persons show the sorrow and terror one associates with the times when opponents of the military were simply “disappeared”. Masoch creates scenes that have an element of strangeness, a disconcerting shock, a disturbing sensation. «I am a little like Borges, who said he always wrote the same book - Masoch summarizes - I always paint the same picture. I stay loyal to what I believe in and I do not believe in modernity».