8 chilean artists

November, 16 - December, 07, 2016

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The arrival
Artist: HERNÁN GANA. Oil on canvas. 180 x 250 cm
The arrival Your heart is full of birds The forgetting The possible ones II The neighbors Untitled Dust you are, and dust you shall be once more Thorns along the road

A collective painting exhibition that brings together eight Chilean artists—some of them familiar to the Peruvian public thanks to positive reviews from critics and theorists, with their works currently being held in private collections in Lima—in which the creators express their individual visions with unwavering tenacity and boldness. The return of Hernán Gana, Lorenzo Moya, and Carlos Edwards to Lima is sure to attract interest in the continued development of their respective oeuvres, while other participants in the exhibition—such as Germán Tagle and Francisco Peró—will be familiar to the public through their participation in the ArtLima fair. The works of Carolina Oltra, Guadalupe Valdés, and Pablo Tapia, on the other hand, are appearing in the Peruvian capital for the very first time, going above and beyond their artistic duties as they each strive to capture their individual imaginaries using their chosen media. As part of its efforts to highlight Latin American and Spanish art, Galería Enlace has exhibited work by some of today’s most important artists from Argentina, Uruguay, Venezuela, Brazil, Colombia, and Chile. In recent years, more than twenty major Chilean artists have graced the gallery’s spacious rooms on Camino Real. Now, the gallery welcomes eight creators from our neighbors to the south. Carolina Oltra is a well-established artist, working here in the field of documentary photography, with a particular focus on territory, captured using unusual media such as aluminum and copper. Francisco Peró, meanwhile, investigates the public’s relationship with the work of art. Hernán Gana once again takes up the subject of the landscape and its visual renderings, instilling it with a different content that masterfully highlights color. Like Hernán, Germán Tagle is a Chilean artist who took part in ArtLima. At Galería Enlace, he will show works that raise questions regarding cross-culturalism. Pablo Tapia is rooted in Andean culture, mixing it with situations taken from the world of opera, displaying a playful tone as he revisits the subjects of narrative painting. The oeuvre of painter Guadalupe Valdés is based on other artists’ works, to which she adds new dimensions. Lorenzo Moya, best known in his homeland for his paintings, imbues his work with a dreamlike quality. Finally, the sculptor Carlos Edwards once again makes use of marble, infusing it with an unfamiliar air. Curated by Ernesto Muñoz, Secretary of the International Association of Art Critics, Chilean Chapter. The exhibition can be visited at Galería ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO through December 7, Monday to Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Free and open to the public.