Buenos Aires, Argentina - 1972

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Naturaleza Urbana III
Mixed media on canvas. 2008. 70 x 250 cm
Naturaleza Urbana III Chica con moto Mañana placentera Constructores Kiss me Good Bye Acaso en la soledad no hay dolor

Martín Riwnyj was born in Buenos Aires, in 1972. He studied at the national school of arts, Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Prilidiano Pueyrredón, where he graduated as a painting and drawing teacher in 1995. He made a study trip to Spain, France and Italy in 1998 and went back to Europe again in 2001. During this second journey, he visited the same countries but also museums, galleries and ateliers throughout the British Isles and the Netherlands. His art has garnered many accolades since he started showing his work in group exhibitions and plastic art events. He has also participated in solo exhibitions in his hometown since 1996; ever since, his work has been shown regularly in Lima, Rome, Milan and Miami.

A vigorous artist, Riwnyj is known for his use of a rare realistic style where the strength of his brush and the use of light go beyond the pure figurative exercise. This is certainly an artist with a powerful imagination; he has managed to conceive urban scenes that seem to be born in the land of dreams. Women, streets and buildings are often present on his canvas, wrapped in a whirling and mysterious halo. Reproducing more than mere reality, this artist is interested in portraying the status of the soul. He creates an ambiance where an unusual melancholy and tribulation rule.