Buenos Aires, Argentina - 1971

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The Fantastic 4
Mixed media on banner. 2006. 100 x 160 cm.
The Fantastic 4 Big Book Caresses Horizontal Heart All night 3 Ways to Cheat

Graduated in 1995 from the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes Priliano Pueyrredón with the title of National Professor of Drawing and Painting. He has held twelve solo shows in Argentina, USA, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Argentina, the USA, Uruguay, Canada, England, Italy, and Peru. He has been selected to take part in a variety of major salons in his home country and abroad. He has held the solo shows “Consumación y Consumo” (“Consummation and Consumption”) (2006) and “Lifestyle” (2008), and participated in the group exhibition Regeneración POP (POP Regeneration) at Galería Enlace. He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions and participated in major art fairs. “The paintings of the Argentine artist Claudio Roncoli do not speak of war or AIDS. They are not destructive or alienating. On the contrary, they inspire a joie de vivre. They contain a thousand and one reasons to keep living. After painting landscapes, designing logos, spending time in advertising, and familiarizing himself with the computer, Roncoli arrived at his masterpieces, where old illustrations and evocations of childhood meld together to radiate joy, because if you want sadness, that’s what newspapers are for.” (Sigfredo López Herrera, Mexico, 2005).