REVE Nuñez-Melgar

June, 14 - July, 27, 2017

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The Great Abduction of Saint Rose
Oil on canvas. 140 cm x 140 cm. 2016
The Great Abduction of Saint Rose By Devouring Your Children, Your Children Destroy Each Other, Nature (...) The Strange and Anticipated End of the World Dr. Rabanelli's Anatomy Super-Class Dolores's Meeting with the Citizens of the Country Where Extraordinary (...) Eva Raquel: The Last Great Nymphomaniac

Renzo “REVE” Núñez-Melgar (Lima, 1982) is a plastic artist with a degree in Plastic Arts, who graduated from the Escuela Nacional Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes of Peru in 2006 with a Silver Medal in Painting. This is his sixth solo exhibition. He has also taken part in numerous group shows in Peru and abroad. REVE’s exhibition features a group of nine medium- and large-sized paintings done in oil on canvas. “Figures from different time periods coexist in my work. After all, we are the sum of all the events that have occurred throughout the history of humankind… A selfish and chaotic society… Perhaps we as human beings will finally achieve a sense of solidarity when absolutely all of us have fallen upon misfortune, every single one of us blind like in José Saramago’s novel Blindness, when we need each other to get on, so that we are able to set aside our differences.” “REVE now offers us an exhibition addressing ‘How to (co)exist in the face of Earth’s decline,’ one that is more conceptual (or his version of conceptual, anyway) than simply portraying or imagining an earthly Armageddon as a painful, bloody event full of suffering. In keeping with this visual focus, the paintings presented here depict the surprising and strange visual coexistence (which might seem implausible to some) between a series of historical figures and pop culture. While they come from different time periods and movements, they all share equal footing—during the Earth’s final days—on the same symbolic plane or in a shared reality, as imagined by the painter (their maker). Indeed, with this strange collage of diachronic figures (whether real or fantastic), REVE seeks to draw the viewer’s attention to situations that we consider natural or earthly, unable to surprise us (for example, hunting, abduction, dancing, drinking, disruption, the teaching of classes, etc.), but which the artist’s brush renders over-the-top or even impossible. (…) Los últimos 9 días de la Tierra (The Last 9 Days on Earth) challenges the everyday qualities of our visual culture with new fictions—creations—about Earth, about its occupants and situations hatched in the artist’s mind. To achieve this, their creator seeks here to familiarize our eyes with his (sub)versions of events on Earth, questioning that which we habitually consider natural and real (the monolithic). In this way, the exhibition attacks the normalcy, predictability, and historicity of the everyday (its events and the routine quality of its figures).” Manuel Antonio Lizárraga Ibáñez, Lima, May 2017 “What if this world is just another planet’s Hell?” This query, posed by the English philosopher and writer Aldous Huxley, is used by the artist to pose a new series of questions to us, the spectators. The exhibition Los últimos 9 días de la tierra by REVE can be visited at Galería ENLACE ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO through July 27, from Monday through Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Free and open to the public.