Lima, Peru - 1963

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Mixed media on canvas. 44.5 x 89.5 cm.
Calvary A Strange Truth The Spirit of the Cojergolitos Variations on Durer's Pillow Angel

Studied at the Escuela de Bellas Artes in Lima and the Pau School of Communications thanks to a grant from the French government. He has held solo shows in Peru, France, the United States, and Indonesia. He won the First Prize for Drawing (Lima,1980); an honorable mention at the Twelfth ICPNA National Watercolor Salon (Lima,1983); Second Prize at Salón Lefranc, Bouid Sud - Oest (1992); the Premio Cadena, Villa de Montauban, France (1992);and the prize for the First Villa de Nay Festival, France (2000). He inaugurated his latest solo show, en el nombre del lápiz (In the Name of the Pencil), in early 2007 at Enlace Arte Contemporáneo. He has taken part in numerous solo and group exhibitions and participated in major art fairs. “Complicities, ambiguities, ironies, autobiographical traces and elements, testimonies as riddles: these are present in all of his paintings, in which his acid humor is a constant element. (…) With his necromantic art, Jorge Vigil evokes, with clear admiration, the old school of the Flemish masters, recycles the style, appropriates its methods, using his contemporary eye and his illustrator’s zeal to delight in painstaking reproduction and detail …” (Élida Román, 2004).