Established in 2006, ENLACE has emerged as a pioneering and dynamic exhibition space dedicated to the promotion and dissemination of plastic and visual arts on a national and international level. With an unwavering commitment to showcasing diverse artistic expressions, the gallery spearheads a range of engaging exhibitions and participatory events that captivate audiences and foster artistic dialogue. ENLACE boasts an impressive roster of artists, featuring both established luminaries and promising talents hailing from the Americas and Europe. Emphasizing a particular focus on Latin-American creatives, the gallery acts as a catalyst for their artistic trajectories, offering unwavering support and projecting their works to a global audience and discerning clientele. By curating a diverse selection of artworks, ENLACE creates a vibrant and inclusive space where different artistic visions converge. This intentional curation allows visitors to explore the richness and depth of contemporary art, embracing a fusion of styles, themes, and techniques. Whether it's abstract expressionism, conceptual art, or immersive installations, the gallery's curated exhibitions consistently push boundaries and challenge conventional notions. In addition to its exhibitions, ENLACE actively fosters community engagement through participatory events. These events provide unique opportunities for visitors to connect with artists, gain insights into their creative processes, and actively participate in the artistic experience. From interactive workshops and artist talks to collaborative projects, the gallery serves as a hub for artistic exploration, education, and dialogue. Recognizing the importance of bridging cultural gaps and promoting artistic exchange, ENLACE also facilitates international collaborations and partnerships. By forging connections with galleries, institutions, and collectors worldwide, the gallery strives to create a global network that amplifies the visibility and impact of the artists it represents. Through these collaborations, artists not only gain exposure to new audiences but also gain invaluable opportunities for growth and professional development. As ENLACE continues to evolve, it remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering artistic excellence, cultural diversity, and meaningful connections. By cultivating an environment that nurtures creativity, encourages dialogue, and celebrates artistic expression, the gallery continues to play a pivotal role in the contemporary art landscape, shaping the trajectory of artists and captivating audiences with its thought-provoking exhibitions and immersive experiences.


Camino Real, San Isidro 15073 Lima, Perú

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