Christian Quijada

September, 22 - October, 29, 2016

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Oil, screen-printing, and micro-cement on metal. 120 x 120 cm. 2016

Christian Quijada (Lima, 1976 –) studied drawing and painting at the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Peru, graphic design at the Instituto Toulouse-Lautrec, and photography at the Centro de la Fotografía. He has participated in over twenty group shows in Peru and abroad, and seven solo shows, including Urb (2005), Urb sur (2005), El muerto (The Dead Man) (2006), Metal y melancolía (Metal and Melancholy) (2008), and Paisajes urbanos (Urban Landscapes) (2010). He received an Honorable Mention at the Ninth ICPNA National Painting Salon (2001). He was a finalist in the Coca Cola National Painting Contest (Trujillo, 2002); the Seventh ICPNA National Drawing Contest (Lima, 2002); the Second Young Artists’ Contest of the Municipality of Miraflores (Lima, 2004); the Young Artists’ Painting Contest organized by Minera Cerro Verde (Arequipa, 2004); the Passport for an Artist Contest organized by the French Embassy in Peru (2006); and he won first prize in the Third Young Artists’ Contest organized by the Municipality of Miraflores (Lima, 2005). This is his eighth individual exhibition, consisting of fifteen recent medium- and large-scale works made using mixed technique, oils, and screen-printing on support media such as canvas and metal. In this case, the metal medium plays with corrosion to achieve the desired pigmentation. In this new series, the artist also addresses the most obviously urban of topics, but here breaking down the habitual or systematic classical compositional form of his previous paintings, i.e., breaking away from horizon line, perspective, and the descriptive low-hanging flight over the city. By breaking down his compositions, he recreates new formulations, similar to a logotype or an iconic image. On Quijada’s oeuvre, the art critic Manuel Munive has written: “To offer us a notion of the urban landscape that prevails over the architectural and social chaos of Lima, Christian Quijada Fano had to distance himself from the city’s center in search of a place from where he could capture an all-encompassing gaze. Upon increasing that distance, he discovered—finally—the hidden harmony of an urban profile that we recognize, thanks to his works, as an inhabitable panorama, with a promising horizon and sky, something that neither painting, nor photography, nor engraving had managed to do on their own, and which he achieved by combining these three disciplines (…). Using photography, he captured the chosen urban panorama; using screen-printing, he transferred that concise information, recreating it by rotating it, replicating it, and juxtaposing it; and using oils, he imbued that perspective with an atmosphere, liberating it from the ephemeral temporality of the monochrome photograph, thus giving it a kind of ‘imaginability’ (…). The paradoxical thing about this process lies in the complete absence of the human figure—the passerby—which is largely responsible for the verisimilitude of those urban visions.” The FRAGMENTO (FRAGMENT) exhibition by CHRISTIAN QUIJADA will be open to the public at Galería Enlace through October 29, from Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. The gallery is located at Avenida Camino Real 1123, San Isidro. No entry fee.